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We regularly write public-domain documents which vary from peer-reviewed papers through to public presentations.

A selection is below and they are available without commitment and at no charge. (Older, previously advertised, papers are also available.)

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  1. ‘How Port Security has to evolve to address the Cyber-Physical Security Threat: lessons from the SAURON project,’ The International Journal of Transport Development and Integration, Volume 4 Number 1: Adams N, Chisnall R, Pickering, Schauer S (AIT): 2020.

  2. Final Report of study for European Commission DG/CONNECT ‘Smart Systems Integration & Smart Objects: How To Enable A “Fast Track To Manufacturing” In Europe’: Adams N and Pickering C: 2017.

  3. ‘CONSORTIS System Modelling and Performance’, European Microwave Conference 2017: Appleby R, Ferguson S (Queen’s University Belfast), and Petersson H (FOI): 2017.

  4. The 2017 terahertz science and technology roadmap: Chapter 15 - Terahertz components and systems for defence and security imaging pp 37-38, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Volume 50, Number 4, 4 January 2017: Appleby R and Cooper K (Jet Propulsion Laboratory): 2017.

  5. ‘Sub-millimetre wave imaging and security - imaging performance and prediction’, Proc. SPIE 9993: Appleby R and Ferguson S (Queen’s University Belfast): 2016.

  6. Identifying research needs that keep European users awake at nights. Presented at CYBERUK conference organised by the UK GCHQ: Chisnall R: 2016.

  7. ‘Concealed object stand-off real time imaging for security: CONSORTIS’, Proc. SPIE 9642: Appleby R, Petersson H (FOI) and Ferguson S (Queen’s University Belfast): 2015.

  8. Barriers and Opportunities for SMEs in Electric Vehicle Technologies: from Research to Innovations, Springer Series Lecture Notes in Mobility - Electric Vehicle Systems Architecture and Standardization needs: Adams N, Pickering C and Brooks R (University of Coventry) : 2015.

You may also be interested in the following available for sale by Springer:

  • ‘Analysing Disaster-induced Cascading Effects in Hybrid Critical Infrastructures: A Practical Approach’, Chapter 31 of ‘Guide to Disaster-Resilient Communication Networks, Computer Communications and Networks’, ; J. Rak and D. Hutchison (eds.), Sandra König, AIT; Antonios Gouglidis, Lancaster University; Stefan Rass, Universität Klagenfurt; Neil Adams, InnovaSec Ltd; Paul Smith, AIT; and David Hutchison, Lancaster University; Springer July 2020.