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Passenger screening

Our client

This project was funded from 2014 to to the end of 2017 under the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and was aimed at developing a walk-through, stand-off people screening portal for airports, public spaces and transport hubs.

The problem

Service providers need to ensure passenger safety against novel, person-borne threats, which may be non-metallic, while balancing this with minimum disruption to passengers as they pass through security screening. This project has developed a high-throughput, high probability of detection, low false alarm rate screening, prototype system for people in scenarios including airport central search.

How we helped

InnovaSec, as a consortium member, provided the Technical Management of the whole project, led the requirements capture phase of the project, led on the systems engineering aspects and on the protection of the IP generated by the project.

InnovaSec was able to bring to the project its excellent knowledge of the global airport screening market and its deep technical knowledge of high-frequency imaging technology. (One of our directors is a world expert in this area.)

Next steps

This project has demonstrated that stand-off, THz radar technology is a credible solution for airport screening to Technical Readiness level 6. On behalf of the consortium, we are seeking an exploitation partner to take it to market.

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