(Scalable multidimensionAl sitUation awaReness sOlution for protectiNg european ports).

The SAURON system provides a novel combined cyber and physical security Situational Awareness (SA) platform which supports operators in responding to either separate, or combined cyber and physical, attacks on the port. With SAURON, port operators can better anticipate and withstand potential threats to their freight, passenger and cargo business and to the safety of their employees, visitors, passengers and citizens in the vicinity. InnovaSec led on User Requirements capture and analysis to inform solution specification; on the Validation of results; and on Exploitation of the results in the market. This drew on our in-depth understanding of this security domain together with our wide range of stakeholder contacts. InnovaSec also coordinated the external End-user Advisory Board for the project. The project was led by the Port of Valencia in Spain. The final SAURON system was demonstrated, for the first time, in the port and on-line, in Q3, 2020.

Our client

This 8.5 million Euro SAURON project was financed by the Horizon 2020 initiative of the European Commission, in the topic of Critical Infrastructure Protection, contract 740477 and is aimed primarily at global end-users such as port authorities and port operators.

The problem

Maritime Transport ensures the European security of supply of energy, food and commodities and provides the main vehicle for European imports and exports to the rest of the world. European Union ports are currently facing cyber-physical threats which can potentially cause significant loss of life and have an impact of tens of billion euros on the EU economy. The main objective of the SAURON project is to reduce the vulnerabilities of EU ports, as one of the main European critical infrastructures, and increase their systemic resilience in the face of physical, cyber or combined threats.

How we helped

This project concluded in September 2020. It developed and demonstrated a novel Hybrid SA system combining a range of physical sensors with cyber SA incident monitoring to correlate threats and take account of cascading effects. It also demonstrated an Emergency Population Warning System (EPWS). The SAURON platform was piloted at two major EU ports, Valencia and Piraeus, which are partners in the project and demonstrated as an on-line service. It has been further validated at two other partner ports, Livorno and Koper.

InnovaSec was a key member of the project consortium as a result of its excellent knowledge of the global port security market and its wide stakeholder network.

  • InnovaSec was responsible for identifying user requirements using a structured systems engineering approach and development/implementation of a validation plan to ensure the developed system meets the user requirements.
  • InnovaSec performed a global market analysis identifying target ports and other potential customers in the wider Critical Infrastructure Protection market.
  • InnovaSec led the Work Package on Exploitation and Dissemination and is working with system integration partners to further develop the exploitation and commercialisation aspects of the project.
  • By engaging with international end users in the European Association of Airport and Seaport Police (EAASP), InnovaSec set up the Project Industrial Advisory Board to ensure that the project remained aligned with the wider user needs of potential customers and their regulators.


This project is was carried out by a consortium of 14 partners drawn from 8 EU Member States.

For further project or product information see: or the pilot videos (open in new windows)